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Experimental Projects

Animated Children’s Drawings

By January 18, 2022No Comments

My nieces and nephews were bored and I was trying to think of a way we could all work on something together. They all like to make noise so it seemed natural for us to at make noise together. This is the product of that collaborative noise.

I then had them each draw a picture of the different parts of the song they wrote, scanned those in and animated them.

The storyline to the song is based off of some Spanish homework my nephews were working on. In the homework different people were not happy because they didn’t have a (cat, xbox, Coca Cola, pizza, etc) so they went around asking people if they had an extra (cat, xbox, Coca Cola, pizza, etc). These individuals would ask one person in each town traveling from Chicago to Florida to who knows where… all to get a free (cat, xbox, Coca Cola, pizza, etc) from someone that had an extra one. Lo and behold, they were each successful and in the end each was happy because they now had a (cat, xbox, Coca Cola, pizza, etc.) Thus the story of George and his quest for Coca-Cola was born into existence. Enjoy.