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Experimental Projects

Candy Catch Game

By January 19, 2022No Comments

Every year at AlphaGraphics we worked to make a unique Christmas card experience. From decoder messages using special glasses to custom window clings to make your own snowman.

One year we decided to do a card that was tied to a game on our website. It’s a simple catcher type game mechanic. The artwork was the same artwork used in the Christmas card with a few easter eggs like a photo of the owner on the wall as well as his dog Eddie as a character. The card and website listed the prizes you could win. If you score over 20 points in the time limit you were presented with a screen to input your name and email address. The info was sent to a google spreadsheet and then used to randomly pick winners for prizes.

Overall it brought engagement with the brand and started conversations. Many people played multiple times and we found it a successful tool to interact with our customers and give them something a little different than the usual card.