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Experimental Projects


By January 19, 2022No Comments

This is a concept game that uses the crowd cheering level to control a ball. Similar to a Flappy Bird style gameplay. The idea is to create crowd engagement and tie it to a promotional aspect. For example it becomes rebranded for Taco Bell or something like that and if the crowd is able to get a score over 20 they all receive a voucher for a free chalupa.

The idea came from having been in improv comedy groups and often the MC starts the show off with some sort of crowd warm up activity. This made me think of how I could do that on an even larger scale. Beyond this I also began developing a Pong game that used a stereo set of mics to control the paddles. Left channel audio controlled player 1 and right channel audio controlled player 2. By using wired/wireless mics on either side of a room or stadium you could effectively have a wave of cheering going louder and softer to control the paddles with each side competing against each other.