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Experimental Projects

New Building Tour Game

By January 18, 2022No Comments

While working at AlphaGraphics Bountiful there were plans to build a new building. When the architects sent over the plans I immediately wanted to do something with them. My first experiment was to put it into VR so we could actually walk around the building and see what changes we might want to make. This gave us super valuable insights into what customers might see while standing in the lobby and where we could possibly extend or shorten walls to give a better experience.

After the VR phase I wanted to create something the general public could interact with that wouldn’t require the use of a VR headset. So to build up anticipation in the community about the new building and let people get a sneak peek at what it would eventually be I began developing a game using waypoints. Each location would be a point of interest where an employee avatar would give information about the area.

Unfortunately around this time we experienced a fire in our building that relocated us for a while and put plans on hold.