About Me

The Short Version

I’m a “creative professional” with a very strong background in technology. That basically means I make my clients look rad and can do all the nerdy work too. I specialize in video production, graphic design, illustration, motion graphics, web development, facebook/instagram ads, etc. Pretty much all the stuff you need for your business I can do. I’ve worked with small start ups to international brands and understand the challenges companies face.

I moved from Salt Lake City to Clinton, Utah in 2019, but I was born and raised in the Pacific North West just outside of Portland, Oregon. Look forward to hearing from you and what projects you might have for me!

The Awkward Version

Oh boy, these are always awkward right? I mean here you are looking at my webpage, and here I am trying to impress you. It’s like a first date with someone you’ve been setup with… but you’re just staring at me and I can’t ask questions back. (Soooo… what do you like to do for fun? *sweat drips down my forehead) Why do we even put these in websites anyway?? Meh, I guess it’s to give it some personality and make it relatable.

Alright so here’s the deal, I’m pretty awesome. Now that we have that established I think we can move on. Communication is something I’m passionate about and I particularly love communicating through video and design. I’ve been doing it for a while (check out my resume) and don’t see myself ever stopping. While quite a bit of my work is collaborative with other creators, I often find that I am tasked with the whole enchilada. Clients come to me with a need and then after consulting on what they are looking for I get to work. Then we work together to fine tune things so the final result is something that has a beautiful combination of form and function.

Whenever I introduce myself as J. I often get these responses: “Jake” “Jace” “Jade” or “Like J-A-Y?” and I always respond, “no just J.” In one of my first video tutorials I started by saying “Hey Just J. Here” and it had a ring to it so I went with it. Thus Hey Just J. was born.

Since I can remember I have loved art, the crayon drawings still on the underside of my mom’s tables can attest to that. One thing I’ve come to learn is that no matter the tools you have to work with, the art is still the same.  I started with crayons then moved to bringing things to life with flip books on sticky notes, claymation, and later in high school worked in 3D animation.  High school is where I got my first taste of video editing using a computer, as well as photo editing and I was hooked.  I consider myself a “Jack of all trades” when it comes to media and technology.

I’ve always been fascinated with making technology do things it wasn’t meant to do (for example this). As I’ve grown up and invested more into the gadgets and gizmos, I decided it was time to venture out and start my own business.

Definitely not one that lacks personality, I try to bring that to the table when it’s appropriate. I love projects that I feel make the world a better place so if you’re on board with improving the world I’m your guy.

Personal Fun Facts

Name: J. Alan Meier
Hometown: Vancouver, WA
Birth: I was too young so I can’t remember
Blood Type: Red and wet
Special Abilities: Multiply 13 digit numbers with super human inaccuracy
Weakness: Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls (seriously on multiple occasions I may or may not have driven hours for the sole purpose of buying them)

*Note: These facts are subject to be completely useless.

The Resume (That's French for 'list of jobs I've had')

Marketing Creative: AlphaGraphics Bountiful | February 2014 – Present

What I do depends on the day. I mostly work directly with clients to strategize their marketing efforts and deliver on those plans. This can be web design, video production, or graphic design. I also work closely with the owner on many internal business decisions that effect the future of the business.

Owner | Creative Guru: Hey Just J. | March 2013 – Present

I’m the boss. I am responsible for everything and making sure clients are happy. I have a great working relationship with other creative people throughout Utah and the United States so you name it we can make it happen.

Graphic Designer: AlphaGraphics | August 2009 – March 2013

I was responsible for creative process and implementation of brands for clients and the AlphaGraphics center. My focus was on implementing new cross-media products and technologies that we could use to market ourselves as well as sell to clients. Some of these were interactive iPad and iPhone applications, trackable QR codes, mobile websites, facebook company pages and email signatures that change with each season like the Google doodles.

Production Manager: i-Comm
 | January 2008 – April 2009

I trained students on using equipment and proper techniques. One of my responsibilities was to direct and edit a nationally broadcast television show and direct daily newscasts in both English and Spanish.