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Experimental Projects

The Bearded Brace Face

By December 16, 2021January 18th, 2022No Comments

The Bearded Brace Face Vlog was a personal project I came up with while in the orthodontist chair getting braces on for the first time in my life as a man in his 30s. By the time I was out of the chair I had secured the domain, email address, and social media channels.

That night I was up and running with my first video. I did daily videos for a while as I grew an audience. Was able to get a few free products and swag along the way but ultimately when I started dating my future wife, I decided to devote more time to her. (Which was definitely the right decision haha).

I learned a lot about the world of producing something like a vlog EVERY DAY and what that can really take to live, edit, upload, repeat. Lots of efficiencies, making quick editing decisions, and ultimately producing content. It was fun growing a tiny following and interacting with people that still reach out to this day.